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four primary domains

There are few endeavors in life as competitive as the provision of liquidity into the high frequency foreign exchange markets. It is a cut-throat game of speed and precision in which we have developed and sustained a competitive advantage by focusing on four primary domains:

Market making

Integrated risk management

attracting the best

Pushing technology to the limit

market making


We do not recycle liquidity - we make our own price for financial instruments.

Ready to meet any requirements, our software products supply customised liquidity pools at highly competitive prices..

Our valuable partners enjoy permanent quote streams around-the-clock.

Our competitive advantage is our alpha, which gives our customers the opportunity to hedge with our software products at highly attractive prices

High quality liquidity

The secret to creating the best pricing model lies in having inherently perfect mathematical models.

Our sophisticated approach to the technical implementation of the market making strategies enables us to provide the highest quality liquidity.


LOW rejection ratio

24/5 support


integrated risk management


At exp(capital) we apply an integrated approach to risk management that provides control across the company.


We recognise the limitations of all “scientific” techniques related to risk assessment and planning. Instead we concentrate on the risk impact and implement solutions and algorithms with “positive asymmetry” – where potential negative influence is limited, while positive upside is not.

We avoid the opposite situations where profit is limited while risk impact can be disastrous – even when the probability of risk is estimated as “low”.


At exp(capital) we use various risk management strategies for specific operational areas: hardware, software & maths. We are cultivating a grass roots approach through education, documentation, sharing of information and transparency.

We believe that synergy benefits from the diversity of skills of each individual and we extend this approach beyond corporate boundaries by sharing it with our partners.

We embed risk management activities into all levels of our solutions and into all our processes which, in particular, covers the following types of risk:

  1. Financial risks
  2. Data protection risk
  3. Software-related risks
  4. Infrastructure risks
  5. Risks in daily operations


We give our best every day in the pursuit of excellence. We work with the best people, institutions and solutions that we can and enjoy the success that this yields in our results.

a) We attract the best people to work with;

b) We operate at the world’s top trading venues;

c) We provide the best possible services to our partners;

d) We demand the strongest business and personal ethics in our corporate culture;

e) We stand for individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Corporate best practice...? We prefer the best solution.

pushing technology to the limit

We are technologists, with a deep rooted philosophy as to how we operate:

  • Proprietary trading platform developed in-house;
  • Modern software development methodologies and tools;
  • Heavy use of HPC & advanced data visualisation;
  • We involve the world’s top scientists in our development and research;
  • We operate a private global financial network with 30 data-centers using a broad range of technical solutions from FPGA and Java, to massive parallel processing.
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